Moisture resistant proof thermostat IP44 temperature controller

Moisture resistant thermostat IP44 Heatcom HC200

Moisture resistant thermostat IP44 Heatcom HC200 with plug / socket is suitable for many different applications. The thermostat is suitable for indoor use by connecting directly to a socket or for outdoor use where IP44 moisture resistance is required. Dustproof

Price 75.08 eur

The Heatcom HC200 IP44 moisture proof thermostat allows you to connect the heat source without a plug directly to the connection box on the back of the thermostat, as in the image below.
The temperature sensor of the thermostat has a 3m cable and can be placed in places where it is necessary to regulate the temperature remotely. If necessary, the temperature sensor can be extended up to 50m.
Moisture-proof thermostat Heatcom HC200 with IP44 socket – can be used for both cold protection and heating regulation, for example, when setting the temperature of a water pipe, greenhouse, conservatory or outbuilding.

The moisture proof thermostat is set using a highly visible display and 3 buttons.
If there are different heating needs at different times of the day, you can set 4 daily events and thus use, for example, night temperature reduction.
The  moisture proof temperature controller has a built-in alarm that can be displayed on the screen, but there is also the possibility of an audible alarm if the temperature is not reached.

Technical specifications:
Supply voltage 230 V – 50-60 Hz
Max load 3000W
Moisture resistance IP44
Temperature adjustment in the range +1° C … +70°C
Sensor 10 KΩ @ 25°C, length 3 m
Screen 1.6″ LCD with backlight
Color black
Dimensions 125 x 64 x 40 mm (H x W x D)
Warranty 3 years
Approvals CE / RoHS

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