smart WiFi thermostat remote controlled

Wifi thermostat HL-07

The WiFi thermostat HL-07 allows us to monitor and set up our heating or cooling devices conveniently from our smart device using the Tuya “Smartlife” app. The HL-07 WIFI temperature controller has all the functions typical of modern thermostats, such as: adaptive learning of the need to turn on the heating, open window function, energy consumption statistics, child lock, etc. The WiFi thermostat can be easily set to work with a floor sensor (for example, for bathroom floor heating and hallways, so that the floor heating is always at the desired temperature would be warm); with an air sensor (for setting the air temperature in the room) or with both sensors at the same time (necessary for underfloor heating with parquet covering) Thanks to the wide adjustment range, the remotely controlled wifi thermostat is also suitable for anti-freeze control of outdoor area and water pipe heating. The weekly program clock allows us to keep the desired temperatures only when we need it.

Price: 56 eur

The WiFi thermostat can be set either from the thermostat screen or conveniently using the Tuya “Smat Life” smart device application from a phone or tablet, but it can only be adjusted and used by setting the thermostat from the screen. The intelligent smart thermostat separately considers the days of the week, times and preset temperatures that we want and is therefore very energy efficient.

WIFI temperature controller HL-07 technical data and functions:
• Adjustable temperature range 1℃ – 50℃
• The thermostat has an adaptive learning ability, i.e. it guarantees us the desired temperature for the desired time of day.
• An open window detection function that prevents overheating when ventilating the room
• Wifi thermostat is suitable for both heating and cooling
• The thermostat is compatible with Android and IOS devices / Amazon and Google Home
• The inner opening of the thermostat frame is 55x55mm, which makes it compatible with different design frames such as JUNG A500, Elko, etc.
• The thermostats are connected to the Wifi network using only the 2.4GHz frequency band
• Multi-user capability
• Ability to adjust screen brightness
• Possibility of sensor calibration
• Checking the condition of the floor sensor – in the event of a temperature sensor failure, the heating is switched off to prevent overheating
• The WiFi remote controlled thermostat can be programmed to work – with a floor sensor (bathroom, hallway floor heating temperature), an air sensor (air temperature in the living room) or a floor and air sensor, in which the primary function is to monitor the air temperature with the air sensor and the floor sensor monitors the temperature specified by the parquet manufacturer under the wood and parquet floors (+28C)
• Floor temperature limiter – used for wood and laminate covered floors
• On / off button and child lock
• Room / floor freezing protection
• Factory reset
• Vacation regime
• With a 3-meter floor sensor

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