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Mirror Demister

The mirror demister is a good solution to keep the bathroom mirrors clean of fog. The mirror heater is covered with glue on one side and is glued directly to the back of the mirror, and usually the mirror demister is switched on with the general light of the bathroom. The mirror demister saves us from the tedious cleaning of the mirror after coming out of the shower or taking a bath. When installing the mirror heating film, it would be good if there was 1 cm of free space between the mirror demister and the wall for convenient installation of the cable under the mirror.

The mirror demisters are available in stock in the following sizes:

Mirror demister 500 x 770mm 80W Price: 47.20 eur + VAT
Mirror dem. 500 x 1050mm 100W Price: 60.50 + VAT

Mirror dem. 100 x 60cm 145W 230V Price: 42.- + VAT
Mirror dem. 101 x 44cm 105W 230V Price: 38.- + VAT
Mirror dem. 50 x 50cm 55W 230V Price: 22.- + VAT
Mirror dem. 40 x 40cm 30W 230V Price: 20.- + VAT

Mirror heating films are also available in a round shape:

diam. 400mm 25W 230V Price: 34.- + VAT
diam. 500mm 40W 230V Price: 37.- + VAT

The heating film for the mirror has a 230V supply voltage, a 50cm supply cable and a 3-year warranty. Installing the heating film is easy. You have to remove the protective paper from the adhesive side and stick the heater in the desired place.
The mirror defogger can be ordered and manufactured for projects according to the customer’s measurements and with the desired supply voltage (24V, 110V, etc.). The maximum size of the mirror defogger can be up to: 600mm x 1040mm or round in shape, if necessary. The selection of different variations of the heating film is wide and for very different purposes. The minimum quantity of special order mirror heater is 100 pcs. Ask for more if needed.

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