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Electric panel thermostat Terneo RK -55°C +125°C

The Terneo RK electric panel DIN rail thermostat is designed to control the operation of a heating cable, boiler, heater, pipelines or other heating systems. The thermostat is DIN rail mounted and is able to regulate and maintain the temperature between -55 and +125°C. The temperature sensor is included. The thermostat is special in that it can be used in systems with high load capacity – output relay 32A.

Price: 67.56 eur

The Terneo RK electric panel thermostat can be used:

– maintaining a constant temperature in pipe systems (e.g. in winter);
– ensuring the stable operation of a high-capacity electric boiler;
– modernization of the old electric boiler;
– protection against freezing of the sewage system.
– maintaining a high temperature in the production process
– cold room or refrigerator temperature controller

Convenient adjustment:
The digital screen displays temperature and system messages, which also simplifies menu navigation. The operation of the thermostat is controlled by three buttons. All settings are stored in non-volatile memory.

A special feature of the Terneo RK thermoregulator is the ability to adjust the temperature hysteresis from 0.5 to 25°C. By setting the temperature range to be maintained, you can reduce the number of thermostat on/off cycles, which extends the life of the thermostat output relay.

Safe use

Electric panel thermostats have built-in thermal protection: if the temperature in the housing rises to +80°C, the thermostat stops working. The operation resumes after the temperature drops to 60°C and one of the buttons is pressed.

The Terneo RK temperature controller supports operation with an analog sensor (R10) in the temperature range from -30 to +90°C.

Supply voltage 230V
Output relay 32A
The length of the sensor is 4m
The thermostat is a DIN rail with mounting

Additional information can also be found on the website of the manufacturer DS Electronics

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