moisture proof electric heater dust-tight waterproof

The moisture-proof electric heater RIRO

The moisture proof electric heater RIRO from the Schultze company has been created for particularly demanding conditions – with a degree of protection IP67/ IP66, so these heater can also be washed with water from a hose if necessary and can withstand being submerged for a short time in the event of an emergency flood. The fins of the heaterare made of strong AISI stainless steel and therefore the electric heater is sturdy, dust-tight, waterproof IP 66/IP67 and corrosion-resistant.

SCHULTZE moisture-proof flange heaters are specially designed for the demanding conditions of industry. Their enclosure class is IP 66 / IP 67, so you can safely wash them with pressurized water. The flanges of the heaters are made of stainless steel, so they are highly resistant to corrosion. SCHULTZE heaters are also available without flanges (tube heaters) and as ATEX-approved models for potentially explosive areas.


Flanged heaters are especially suitable for conditions where cleanliness is particularly important, such as the food industry, agricultural heating needs, etc. They are also suitable for corrosion-prone and damp spaces such as elevator shafts, pumping stations, etc.


The flange heater is available both with a built-in thermostat (RiRo-a/fa/nta, adjustment 5-30 °C) and without adjustment, in which case the heating is controlled by an external thermostat (RiRo-u/f/nt). Among the heaters with the highest surface temperature, there is also a model where the power can be selected manually (RiRo-s).


The flange heaters are supplied with “legs”, which can be used to easily install them either on the wall or on the floor. An easy-to-install protective net is also available for flanged pond heaters (lengths 440-1040 mm), which reduces the risk of accidents and protects the heater at the same time.

Tube heaters without flanges are also available separately. There are three types of them available. With normal (N-type) and higher power (S-type). K-type Pipe heaters are intended for small spaces.


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